Born in the military and built for doers, 3V Gear was founded on the principle of manufacturing quality gear at a reasonable price. 3V Gear products are designed to blend functionality and comfort, with rugged good looks. They are unashamedly not “mainstream”. Their specialized bags are designed for military, police, survival and tactical users.

Based in good ol’ USA, the 3V Gear Direct Selling Model assures that their customers pay the lowest price possible for their gear. They do this by skipping the middleman and bloated distributors and sell directly to their customers. 3V customers get the best quality gear, an unbeatable price, and a lifetime warranty. 

And now, YOU can become a part of this great, proud brand by joining 3v Gear brand ambassador team !

3V Gear Brand Ambassador

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We’re looking for loyal brand ambassadors to become a part of the 3V Gear team. If you have a great social media presence, your own YouTube channel or blog, or are just killer at creating captivating adventure and lifestyle images, then please read below.


The 3V Gear ambassador program is an exclusive membership for elite supporters who are influencers in their community and are passionately engaged in promoting the 3V Gear lifestyle. Ambassadors are responsible for helping create the content that we use on our website, social media pages, and in our marketing materials. As an online only, direct to consumer, company we also rely on our ambassadors to help us spread the word about 3V Gear to areas and demographics that may not be aware of the brand yet.


If you’re as excited as we are and think you have what it takes to rep 3V Gear, then please fill out the form below and our Team Manager will get back to you as soon as possible..

Apply here…

Another option is to join their 2 main affiliate programs : AvantLink or PepperJam

Personally, I prefer promoting their products through Amazon influencer program.

My favorite 3V Gear product is their Outlaw II Tactical Gear Slinger Sling Pack !

Outlaw II Gear Slinger Pack

Photo Credit 3V Gear

What I like about it ? 

  • It’s a sling ! Reach inside your pack without removing it from your back ! 
  • Padded laptop sleeve to carry your devices ( laptops or tablets ) so you can work from anywhere !
  • Hydration compatible (accepts most 2L and smaller bladders )
  • An additional water bottle pocket sized to fit 24 oz. bottle (3″ wide bottle)
  • CCW ( “concealed carry weapon ” ) compatible pocket ! ( velcro field inside the pocket so you can attach a velcro holster ! )
  • Theft deterrent devices built-in to secure zipper pulls
  • MOLLE and PALs compatible so you can attach MOLLE pouches and accessories ( you can even throw your own patches onto the backpack to show your support for your favorite military branch ! )
  • Internal zippered compartments, and mash pockets which make organizing easy and fast.

The Outlaw Gear Slinger Pack is one of the best gear packs on the market and is perfect for an urban assault or just your everyday commute. It also makes a great military pack, rucksack, and hunting or hiking backpack.

Becoming a 3V Gear brand ambassador is definitely NOT for just anybody !

It will work best for ex-military, police, hunters, survivalist, preppers, and tactical users. 

If you’re just a hiker/backpacker ( without military/police/hunting background ) this is NOT the right brand for you.

On the other hand, there are more and more people in a relatively new niche – “hiking with guns” ( let’s call them that way :)).

Carrying a ( concealed ) weapon has become quite popular when a few years back many National Parks made it legal.  So, if this is something you’re into, then 3V Gear brand could be the right fit for you !

Also, there are many “target shooters” who enjoy combining long hikes with shooting practice, and would make great 3V Gear ambassadors !

Think you could be a great fit for the company, but you don’t meet the requirements for 3V Gear brand ambassador program mentioned above ? 

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