If you already know the difference between Amazon Influencer program vs Amazon affiliate one, but not sure which one to join, hopefully the video below will make things easier for you to decide.

Before you apply for either program, ask yourself the questions from the video, and really take time to think which program would work better for you :

But the most important questions to ask yourself :

  • Are YOU willing to learn at least the basics of business, marketing, and branding ?
  • Are you in for “the long run” or just think you can make easy money ?
  • Do you genuinely want to help people make unbiased purchasing decisions based on your personal knowledge and expertise, or you just want to create a vision of being “important social media influencer”  ?  

The most important advice I can give to people who’re thinking about joining Amazon affiliate or Amazon Influencer programs – be realistic about how much money you can make in the beginning.

Check out this video when I share our students’ Amazon affiliate earnings when they’re just getting started…

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