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  • Who Is Behind XHA ?

Paul “ExtraHyperActive” Frolov has worked as a personal trainer, and in fitness sales for more than 15 years. He’s also worked in outdoor recreations as a sales specialist, ski and snowboard instructor, a rafting, and a tour guide. Currently, he runs his own fitness and adventure travel businesses.

Since 2009, he’s been doing social media, and affiliate niche marketing with the focus on adventure travel, fitness, and the outdoors. He was a contributing adventure travel blogger for Seattle Post Intelligencer, and has done affiliate marketing for major fitness, travel, and outdoor brands, businesses, and outfitters.

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  • Why Join ?

  • You’re not promoting our network – you’re building YOUR own

  • You’re not promoting our brand – you’re building YOUR own personal brand

  • You’re not learning “how to start a business” – you’re turning YOUR passion into a business

  • You’re not limited to promoting only our network/brand/products – you’re free to choose what works better for YOU

  • You’re not in business by yourself – you’re surrounded by like-minded people who share YOUR passion for healthy, and adventurous lifestyle

  • What You’ll Get ?

  • FREE Ambassador T-shirt or a hoodie

  • 1 month FREE Ambassador training

  • FREE 14 day trial sales page that generates leads, and makes sales

  • 10% – 50% affiliate commission on all our physical and digital products

  • 40% recurring membership commission

  • 4% – 10% affiliate commission from our recommended networks and brands

  • $5 – $500 per Instagram picture promoting our brand

  • Done for you email marketing

  • Small group and one-on-one personalized training

  • Opportunity to become a brand Ambassador for other famous fitness, travel, and outdoor brands

As ExtraHyperActive Ambassador, your personal goal should be – to build your personal brand !

The reason stars get big bucks as Brand Ambassadors is because they have a big personal brand and people respect what they are doing. If you develop a strong personal brand, you will be worth more as a Brand Ambassador. You can do this by using blogging, social media, and network marketing. To be very effective at this, you are going to need to focus on one area and become really well know in it.

The main reasons most people DON’T make money in their business, or any type of marketing :

  • Don’t have a true passion

  • Don’t take time to learn about business, marketing, and branding

  • Don’t have clear, easy-to-follow actionable steps

  • Don’t implement that information into actions

With our personalized training and support, clear, and easy-to-follow actionable instructions, and the best in the industry software, you won’t have any other option but to succeed !!

In business and marketing you NEVER lose… You either WIN or you LEARN…


The More You Learn – The More You Earn