Become an Amazon Influencer

Become an Amazon Influencer, and Get Your Own Influencer Page

( even if you DIDN'T get accepted into the official Amazon influencer program )

Joining Amazon influencer program is super easy, fast, and absolutely FREE !!

Anybody with a qualifying social media account ( Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter ) can join… 


Amazon DOESN’T disclose the exact requirements HOW they decide which social media accounts are eligible for participation  😢

One thing for sure – IT DOESN’T MATTER how many followers/fans/subscribers your channel has…

They accept social media accounts with as few as 200 followers… as well as deny accounts with thousands of “followers/fans” 😲

If you have already applied to join Amazon influencer program, and get denied...


We can help you create YOUR own influencer page with Amazon products that YOU can hand pick for absolutely FREE !

More than that !

Unlike having an official Amazon influencer page, with our page you will be able to make 4% – 10% commission FOR EVERY PURCHASE YOU MAKE THROUGH YOUR OWN PAGE !


Just like with Amazon, you’ll need to meet certain requirements :

  • have an active social media account
  • go through our 1 month FREE influencer marketing training
  • have a PayPal account ( to get paid whenever your page makes minimum $15 at the end of each month )
  • keep your expectations realistic ( NO, you won’t make thousands of $ working part time from home… NOBODY DOES ! )


If your social media account is only visible for your friends and family, if you’re concerned about about your privacy, if you don’t like meeting new people, if you’re concerned about “what other people will say”, if you don’t like  promoting yourself – influencer/social media marketing is DEFINITELY NOT FOR YOU ⛔️

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