MOGI – The World’s First Yoga Mat Bag That Attaches To Your Bicycle


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As I previously wrote, if you’re truly passionate about yoga, there are many opportunities to turn your passion into a business ( or, at least, make some extra money to support your lifestyle ! ).

One of the easiest ways is to become a brand ambassador/influencer for one of many yoga brands out there.

In this post, I shared with you a great opportunity for U.S. based certified trainers, and yoga instructors to become a brand ambassador for prAna


Instead of trying to become a brand ambassador for such popular yoga brands as prAna, Lululemon, Athleta… to really stand out from the crowd, try to go niche !

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While there are many different styles of yoga, and diffrent marketing niches, this company offers a truly unique product that could help you create your own micro-niche !


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MOGI solves the yogi wanderlust dilemma with 1 simple design. 

MOGI is a quick-connect yoga mat bag bicycle pannier which allows you to easily attach your mat bag to your bike rack. Effortlessly take your mat with you anywhere you ride. It’s clip and go design make MOGI the only yoga mat bag you’ll ever need for city life and adventure.

This product would work best for people who’re not only passionate about yoga, but also love biking, and working out in the outdoors !

As a MOGI ambassador, you’ll be able to offer 10% for your social media followers, and if somebody buys one of their products through your link, you’ll get paid 10%.

If :


10% of followers buy a bag = 20,000 bags sold

Your cut of the sales = $80,000 !

Don’t have a huge social media following just yet ?

Still new to influencer marketing ?

Don’t want to become their “brand slave” ?

NO problem !

Another option is to join Amazon affiliate or Amazon influencer program, and add MOGI to your list of products you want to promote.

Because MOGI is a fitness product, you’ll make 5.5% commission if somebody buys it through your link


4% -10% commission for any other product bought from Amazon !! 

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But as I always say : “It’s NOT about which brand/products your promote or which affiliate platform you belong to”… 

It’s all about your knowledge of business, and marketing, and, the most important, – the power of your PERSONAL BRAND !

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