Success Stories From Those Who Turned Their Love & Passion For Adventure Travel, Fitness, & The Outdoors Into A Profitable Business

Land Paddling For Fun & Profit

land paddling

If you still don’t know what land paddling is :

Inspired by stand up paddleboarding ( SUP ), and surfing, Land Paddling is an exciting, fun, and inclusive physical activity that can be done on any smooth surface.

Land Paddling (or as they also call it Stand Up Land Paddleboarding or Street SUP ) is the use of a long pole or stick while longboarding. The stick (or “Land Paddle”) is used to propel the longboarder farther without pumping. The stick is also used to direct the longboarder in the direction they are trying to turn and can be used as a brake Land Paddling is relatively new but seems to be catching on pretty fast. read more…

How To Turn Your Passion For Yoga, Fitness, And The Outdoors Into A Business


Believe it or not, but just about 40 years ago ( in the 70’s ), many Americans confused yoga and yogurt. They were both brand new and nobody knew what either of them were. Fast forward to present day, yoga has become $27 billion industry. Yoga in America has evolved from a niche activity of devout New Agers to part of the cultural mainstream.

Add to this the fact that fitness, and travel have also grown into multi billion industries, it’s not a surprise that it was only the matter of time, when all three merged together. read more…

How You Can Make Money Like Outside & Men’s Health



When I say that I help people build their own business based on their love and passion on adventure travel, fitness, and the outdoors, some people ask me : ” Why adventure travel, fitness, and the outdoors ? Why not just fitness, or just travel ? ”

Well, to begin with, there are already tons of fitness and travel blogs. And many times can one possibly write about ” 10 Places To Eat In Paris” , or ” How To Lose 10 lbs In  A Week” ? read more…

How Truckers Turn Their Pursuit For Healthy Lifestyle Into A Profitable Online Business


fitness for truck drivers

Other than Stallone in the movie “Over The Top”, when was the last time you saw a fit and healthy truck driver ?

Did you know that truck driving is one of the deadliest jobs in America ? And inaccessibility of healthy food choices, exercise, lack of sleep, as well as poor lifestyle in general are the main reasons why. Because of that, many of them are failing there physicals due to being overweight, having high blood pressure and diabetes. And as a truck driver you have to obtain and renew a medical card every two years and soon D.O.T. [department of transportation] is going to start implementing BMI (body mass index ) into physicals which will make it even harder to keep a job.

Did I mention the hours are long, and the pay sucks ? A trucker can easily work 4400 hours a year, coming to an hourly wage of $8.70 ( ! ) read more…