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Become a BOSU Ball Ambassador

Become a BOSU Ambassador

BOSU Ball is a very innovative, and a very unique product that I’ve personally been using ( and promoting ! ) since 2006. Back in the days, when I worked as a personal trainer, I had many clients with knee, and lower back problems, and I used BOSU Ball to help them improve balance, stability, and core strength.

BOSU Ball ( which, in case you didn’t know, stands for “Both Sides Up”  ), is mainly used for stability, and core strengthening training which makes it quite a niche product. 

While it’s fun to use it for anybody, one must be a very knowledgeable, and experienced certified trainer to provide results for his/her clients using BOSU Ball training.

Today, the term “BOSU” has evolved beyond the product to now mean “Both Sides Utilized,” a mindful approach to exercise that is a step beyond traditional training. This clarity of who we are and what we want to offer inspired the development of additional BOSU® products and programming, all of which are grounded in exercise science and proven in real-life application.

If you’re a certified personal trainer who’s looking for more business opportunities while building his/her personal brand, and continue physical education, BOSU offers a great Ambassadorship opportunity to qualified trainers :

The BOSU® Education Team is a large network of fitness industry professionals that develop, deliver and promote BOSU® products and programming worldwide. We are excited that you are interested in becoming a BOSU® Ambassador. Below, you will find the benefits of being a BOSU® Ambassador.


  • Opportunity to facilitate various workshops and master classes developed by the BOSU® Education Team
  • Opportunity to be a part of the BOSU® Team at fitness conferences throughout North America
  • Opportunity to contribute content and be featured via social media & blogs
  • Opportunity to collect passive income through affiliate programs
  • Prominent listing on as an Ambassador (with location and contact information)
  • Discounts on all Hedstrom products and educational videos for personal use
  • Private communication portal to connect and learn from other BOSU® team members)

Apply to become a BOSU Ambassador here…

But if you don’t get picked, no worries !

If you love using BOSU Ball in your workouts, want to help others get the benefits of BOSU training, AND make money, you can still promote BOSU products through Amazon affiliate or Amazon Influencer programs !


Truth to be told…

If you try to promote JUST BOSU Ball products, chances are, you WON’T make a whole lot of $$$… 

On the bright side, as an Amazon influencer you can promote ANY fitness brand, and their products !

More than that !

When you send people to your Amazon Influencer page, and they buy ANYTHING on Amazon…


And if you’re new to online business, and marketing, and don’t know where to start, and what EXACTLY to do, I encourage you to take advantage of our own influencer marketing training !

Being a part of our influencer marketing platform is the easiest, and fastest way to learn about business, marketing, and branding !


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How TRX Ambassadors Make Money

One way TRX ambassadors make money is by participating in TRX affiliate program. And if you love TRX suspension training, then YOU can do it too !! Earn 8% for every product sold through your website/blog, or social media channels.

TRX Affiliate Program

TRX world-class suspension training provides users with enduring, professional-grade workouts for all fitness levels. It’s a full bodyweight training system that packs into a portable kit. That’s why TRX workouts can be done anywhere !

Who Is TRX Affiliate Program For ?

TRX suspension trainers are perfect for personal trainers, health coaches, network marketers ( in health & fitness niches ), travellers, outdoor enthusiasts, and those who prefer home based workouts instead of gyms.

It’s also a great way for TRX loyal, and knowledgeable users to make some extra money by introducing TRX suspension training to others !

You DON’T have to be a certified personal trainer to introduce TRX suspension training to others, BUT you MUST have ( at least basic ) fitness knowledge, experience, and expertise !

How To Promote TRX ?

Joining TRX affiliate program is FREE, and you can earn up to 8% commission for every product sold through your website/blog, and/or social media channels. TRX also runs a high-value performance contest quarterly.

The two main TRX affiliate programs are Commission Junction, and Pepperjam. 

While Commission Junction has been around for more than 17 years, and very easy to join, acceptance to Pepperjam Network is not guaranteed.

But if you’re new to influencer affiliate marketing, the EASIEST way to promote TRX suspension trainers could be through Amazon affiliate, or Amazon Influencer programs ( learn more about them here ).

Which Products Can You Promote ?

To many people, TRX is mainly known for its suspension trainers ( TRX Home2, TRX Pro4, TRX Tactical ).

In reality, there are a variety of TRX products you can promote, and make money !

Among the most popular are TRX kettlebells, resistance bands, TRX rings, slam balls, and TRX battle rope.

How To Promote TRX Products ?

But as I always say : “It’s NOT about which affiliate program you belong to, or which brand/products you promote, and it’s ALL about HOW you do it !”

In the video below, I share a few tips about how you can maximize your affiliate commission promoting TRX products :

In conclusion :

Being a loyal, and knowledgeable TRX ambassador is NOT enough to make money promoting their products.

The main reason most (online) personal trainers, and fitness influencers don’t make money is because, while they’re knowledgeable about fitness in general, they lack the necessary knowledge, experience and expertise about business and marketing.  Also, most trainers DON’T have a strong personal brand ( which is crucial in this very crowded, and VERY competitive market ! ).

If you’re truly passionate about fitness & travel, but new to influencer affiliate marketing, and don’t know where to start, check out our influencer marketing network specifically designed for fitness & travel enthusiasts. 

When you join our ambassador team, you’ll learn the fundamentals of business, marketing, and branding to star YOUR own business ( or, at least, to make some extra money on the side to support your healthy, and adventurous lifestyle ! ) 

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Shop For TRX Products 

How To Make Big Bucks Promoting Yeti Coolers

Earn 5% – 5.5% commission on Yeti coolers, and accessories sold through your website, blog or social media channels. With an average price of $50 -$300 per product, you’re looking at pretty  fat commission checks !

YETI Affiliate Program
Amazon Images

Just be aware !! 

Yeti is a cult 🙂

If you can’t afford their products, I guarantee you, you won’t be able to make money promoting their extremely expensive coolers. 

YETI coolers are thick, plastic, grizzly bear-resistant, bulletproof chests that cost between $300 and $1200. YETIs keep whatever’s inside cold for days and days without a change of ice.

The company has branched out from coolers and now sells tumblers, thermoses, hats, shirts, stickers, and more.

And they’ve been going like cold beers at a tailgate. In 2015, YETI made close to $470 million in sales, over five times its 2014 numbers. The company filed for an IPO last July, seeking a valuation of $5 billion.

YETI products are popular because they’re exceptionally effective, but also because the brand has become a status symbol in certain circles.

Originally attended by hunters and fishermen, the Cult of YETI is now filled with people who wish they were hunters and fishermen, as well as college kids and folks who just like a good outdoor party. Devotees evangelize about YETI on social media, more recruits arrive, and the pews overflow.

And if you’re NOT a part of one of those circles, then, making money with YETI affiliate program is NOT for you 🙁

Who Is It For Then ?

  • Hard-core hunters/fishermen 
  • A rich spoiled brats who love throwing huge outdoor/tailgate parties 
  • A wannabe outdoorsmen/adventurers with extra money to burn 
  • White males who live in the South, Midwest, Northeast, Northwest ( or anywhere where hunting and fishing are super popular ) 

As I’ve mentioned above, YETI coolers are a simbol status for many. There are blue collar dudes making 24 grand a year, and they own a $400 cooler. Because that was symbolic to them. It was iconic to them to say, ‘Yeah, I’m there, I got the best.’

But if you’re a fan of YETI, using social media proof ( and there is a LOT of it !! YETI Instagram alone has over 1 million followers !! ), you shouldn’t have any problems spreading the word about YETI products, and making tons of dough !!

How To Promote YETI Products ?

YETI has only one dedicated affiliate marketing program ( AvantLink ), but, personally, I wouldn’t recommend it ( but by all means, go give it a try ! ), especially if you’re just getting started with affiliate/influencer marketing.

YETI sells their products on a variety of third party ecommerce sites like REI and Cabela’s that also have their own affiliate programs.

But, personally, I’d recommend to start with a trusted, and super easy to join Amazon affiliate program, or Amazon influencer one ( if you have a well established social media presence ). 

The cookie life might be shorter ( 24 hours ), but affiliate commission is a bit higher ( 5.5% ), PLUS, you’ll make extra money regardless if somebody buys a YETI cooler, one of their $50 water bottles, or good ol’ Coleman.

Most Important :

Owning a YETI cooler won’t make you a social media influencer… 

For this high-priced brand you will really need to stand out from the crowd, and establish yourself not only as a YETI ambassador, but also as an expert in your niche ( passion ). 

Want To Earn Money With YETI Affiliate Program But Don’t Know Where To Start ?

Join our influencer marketing platform specifically designed for people like you who’re passionate about healthy, and adventurous lifestyle !

Learn the fundamentals of business, marketing, and branding to become a professional, PAID brand ambassador/influencer !

Learning even the basics of business, and marketing will help you promote ANY fitness/outdoor brand out there while building YOUR own personal brand !


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3V Gear Brand Ambassador Program For Tactical Users, Survivalists, Hunters, And Hard-Core Adventurers

Born in the military and built for doers, 3V Gear was founded on the principle of manufacturing quality gear at a reasonable price. 3V Gear products are designed to blend functionality and comfort, with rugged good looks. They are unashamedly not “mainstream”. Their specialized bags are designed for military, police, survival and tactical users.

Based in good ol’ USA, the 3V Gear Direct Selling Model assures that their customers pay the lowest price possible for their gear. They do this by skipping the middleman and bloated distributors and sell directly to their customers. 3V customers get the best quality gear, an unbeatable price, and a lifetime warranty. 

And now, YOU can become a part of this great, proud brand by joining 3v Gear brand ambassador team !

3V Gear Brand Ambassador

Amazon Images

We’re looking for loyal brand ambassadors to become a part of the 3V Gear team. If you have a great social media presence, your own YouTube channel or blog, or are just killer at creating captivating adventure and lifestyle images, then please read below.


The 3V Gear ambassador program is an exclusive membership for elite supporters who are influencers in their community and are passionately engaged in promoting the 3V Gear lifestyle. Ambassadors are responsible for helping create the content that we use on our website, social media pages, and in our marketing materials. As an online only, direct to consumer, company we also rely on our ambassadors to help us spread the word about 3V Gear to areas and demographics that may not be aware of the brand yet.


If you’re as excited as we are and think you have what it takes to rep 3V Gear, then please fill out the form below and our Team Manager will get back to you as soon as possible..

Apply here…

Another option is to join their 2 main affiliate programs : AvantLink or PepperJam

Personally, I prefer promoting their products through Amazon influencer program.

My favorite 3V Gear product is their Outlaw II Tactical Gear Slinger Sling Pack !

Outlaw II Gear Slinger Pack

Photo Credit 3V Gear

What I like about it ? 

  • It’s a sling ! Reach inside your pack without removing it from your back ! 
  • Padded laptop sleeve to carry your devices ( laptops or tablets ) so you can work from anywhere !
  • Hydration compatible (accepts most 2L and smaller bladders )
  • An additional water bottle pocket sized to fit 24 oz. bottle (3″ wide bottle)
  • CCW ( “concealed carry weapon ” ) compatible pocket ! ( velcro field inside the pocket so you can attach a velcro holster ! )
  • Theft deterrent devices built-in to secure zipper pulls
  • MOLLE and PALs compatible so you can attach MOLLE pouches and accessories ( you can even throw your own patches onto the backpack to show your support for your favorite military branch ! )
  • Internal zippered compartments, and mash pockets which make organizing easy and fast.

The Outlaw Gear Slinger Pack is one of the best gear packs on the market and is perfect for an urban assault or just your everyday commute. It also makes a great military pack, rucksack, and hunting or hiking backpack.

Becoming a 3V Gear brand ambassador is definitely NOT for just anybody !

It will work best for ex-military, police, hunters, survivalist, preppers, and tactical users. 

If you’re just a hiker/backpacker ( without military/police/hunting background ) this is NOT the right brand for you.

On the other hand, there are more and more people in a relatively new niche – “hiking with guns” ( let’s call them that way :)).

Carrying a ( concealed ) weapon has become quite popular when a few years back many National Parks made it legal.  So, if this is something you’re into, then 3V Gear brand could be the right fit for you !

Also, there are many “target shooters” who enjoy combining long hikes with shooting practice, and would make great 3V Gear ambassadors !

Think you could be a great fit for the company, but you don’t meet the requirements for 3V Gear brand ambassador program mentioned above ? 

You can take advantage of our FREE brand ambassador/influencer training, and learn :

  • how to clearly define your marketing niche
  • how to start your first FREE blog/website
  • how to build genuine social media following  
  • how to create interesting, valuable, engaging content that will help your fans/followers make an informed purchasing decision based on your personal knowledge, experience, and expertise !  
  • how to make money doing what you love !
  • how to become a brand ambassador/influencer for any other brands

The knowledge of business, marketing, and branding that you’ll receive through our training could be easily applied to start ANY business related to adventure travel, fitness, and the great outdoors !

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The ONLY Way To Make Money In ANY Business

Whether you want to become a brand influencer, start your own business, or just learn how to make some extra money on the side, there is ONLY ONE WAY TO MAKE MONEY !!

The only way to make money

You WON’T “make money blogging”… unless you want to become a professional writer.

You WON’T “make money on Instagram” posting pictures…unless you’re a professional photographer, model, or influencer marketer.

And you definitely WON’T “make money while sleeping” from “passive income”… unless you’ve CREATED something before.


Guess what ?


In the video below, I share the ONLY way to make money in any business – online or “offline” ( “brick and mortar business” ).

After watching the video:

  • you’ll NEVER get scammed again
  • you’ll NEVER waste anymore time on another “business opportunity” 
  • you’ll WILL KNOW if you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur running your own business 

So, do YOU have what it takes to start your own business, or, at least, learn how to make some extra money on the side to support your healthy, and adventurous lifestyle ?

Then, join our network, and learn more about business, marketing, and branding specifically to fitness and travel industries !

More than that !

Unlike other “online business opportunities”, and “infleuncer networks”, you’ll be making money WHILE STILL LEARNING !!

We CAN’T GUARANTEE HOW MUCH, but we can guarantee you WILL make your first $$$ doing what you love !

We also guarantee:


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