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How To Make Money Flipping Adidas Shoes ( and other sneakers )


How To Make Money Flipping Exclusive Sneakers

Flipping used items that you find at garage sales, thrift stores, auctions, online marketplaces… is an easy way to make some extra cash. Easy, but quite time consuming.

Retail arbitrage is another option to “flip” products that you buy at retail stores ( or their online version ), and sell them on sites like eBay, Amazon, and others.

You can even buy products at Amazon, and resell ( “flip” ) them on eBay, and vice versa. 

The biggest advantages of retail arbitrage are time, product quality, and often profit margins.

While you can flip anything, in this post we’ll use ( Adidas ) sneakers as an example.

Why sneakers ?

Forbes estimates that the resale market for sneakers is estimated to be over $1 billion annually.

This is also trend that doesn’t appear to be slowing anytime soon. That same Forbes article notes that the international sneaker market is up 40% since 2004.

Even though only an estimated 4% of sneakers end up being purchased for immediate resale, the market has attracted side hustlers and entrepreneurs. At the top of the heap, some resellers are moving more than $2 million in inventory a year.

People are making astronomical amounts of money flipping shoes like Air Jordans, Yeezy and more. Don’t just take my word for it, Google “how to make money flipping sneakers”, and you’ll find tons of information !

Unfortunately, just like with anything about “how to make money”/”business opportunities”, most of that information is outdated, misleading, or straight up useless.

Here are a few practical ( and up to date 2019 ) tips about how to make money reselling sneakers :

  • know which sneakers to buy/resell
  • know the price ( and markup price ! )
  • where to buy/sell
  • how to spot fakes
  • how to maintain your inventory
  • how to scale up your sneaker reselling business

The market for sneakers is booming, driven by millennial demand and a strategic business approach by the major players. According to SportsOneSource, the international sneaker market has grown by more than 40% since 2004, to an estimated $55 billion.

But keep in mind !

Retail arbitrage is not as easy as it sounds !

While ANYBODY can flip a few products, it takes times, effort, and money to make consistant profitable living with retail arbitrage ! 

And while the knowledge of brands, and their products is important, the knowledge of business, and marketing is what will make all the difference ! 

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Amazon Influencer Program vs. Amazon Affiliate Program- Pros and Cons

If you already know the difference between Amazon Influencer program vs Amazon affiliate one, but not sure which one to join, hopefully the video below will make things easier for you to decide.

Before you apply for either program, ask yourself the questions from the video, and really take time to think which program would work better for you :

But the most important questions to ask yourself :

  • Are YOU willing to learn at least the basics of business, marketing, and branding ?
  • Are you in for “the long run” or just think you can make easy money ?
  • Do you genuinely want to help people make unbiased purchasing decisions based on your personal knowledge and expertise, or you just want to create a vision of being “important social media influencer”  ?  

The most important advice I can give to people who’re thinking about joining Amazon affiliate or Amazon Influencer programs – be realistic about how much money you can make in the beginning.

Check out this video when I share our students’ Amazon affiliate earnings when they’re just getting started…

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How To Use Instagram Spam Comments To Your Advantage

How To Spot SPAM On Instagram

Not sure if that comment on your Instagram is spam ? 🙄🤔

Before you delete, and report that spam comment WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW !!

Unfortunately, even though it’s 2019, there are still tons of people who use automated bots to post spam comments on Instagram 😱😤

In the video below you’ll learn :

  • who are those people who still use automated bots to spot spam on Instagram
  • why they still do it in 2019 ( after Instagram had cracked down on major bots like Instagress, Mass Planner, Instamate… )
  • how to spot Instagram spam comment
  • should you respond/engage with those spam comments
  • should YOU use automated software to post comments/grow your Instagram 

Spoiler alert – those spammer could actually be doing you a favor 🤣😜

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Liftopia Affiliate Program For Snow Sports Enthusiasts


Liftopia affiliate program

The Liftopia Affiliate Program is a great way for people who’re passionate about skiing, and snowboarding to make money through ticket sales online.

Liftopia sells discount lift tickets, ski rentals, and lessons at 250+ ski resorts and is the largest retailer of lift tickets on the web.

Have a blog or a website dedicated to skiing/snowboarding ? Then YOU can make money with this ski affiliate program !

It’s easy to market and sell discount lift tickets to top ski resorts by partnering with !

  • Add their free links, feeds, or banners to your web page
  • Start generating $20+ eCPMs!
  • #1 online lift ticket marketplace
  • Leverage the Liftopia brand to better serve your existing visitors–and attract new ones
  • Feature links on your site to our sales, promotions, and inventory

Why it Works

  • Superior inventory

    Liftopia negotiates directly with ski resorts to get access to superior inventory and exclusive lift ticket deals. As a Liftopia affiliate, you’re able to showcase these promotions on your site.

  • Incremental revenue

    Your income is positive from day one. Each qualifying transaction made through your links gives you a share of the revenue.

  • Complete support ensures your success

    The tools, links, banners and data feeds you’ll need are already available. We are here to help you make more money.

In addition to compelling banners and text ads, Liftopia has configured dynamic HTML ad campaigns that allow your site visitors to search their database (by resort, dates, number of tickets, etc.) direct from your site. Once the search is complete, your Affiliate cookie is set for 120 days.

Liftopia has a 120 day cookie duration that doesn’t expire on purchase. So if you send them a customer that converts, you’ll get a commission on their purchases all season if they become repeat buyers.

How To Apply

Liftopia participates in 2 diffrent affiliate marketing platforms ( AvantLink & HasOffers ). The best way to decide which one would work better for you, I recommend to contact their affiliate manager here.

Keep In Mind :

Your blog/website MUST be focused on skiing/snowboarding, and will need to have decent traffic to be eligible for either affiliate platform. 

Sign-up takes just minutes, and there is no cost to apply or to participate.

  • Get access to a full suite of links, banners, and feeds that you can embed in your own website
  • No programming is necessary!
  • Track your traffic and earnings online. All information is available to you 24/7
  • Commission checks are sent monthly

Worst Case Scenario :

If you don’t get accepted in either affiliate program, don’t worry !

There are many other snow sports oriented affiliated programs, and tons of other ways to make extra $$$ to support your epic lifestyle !!!

One of the easiest ways to monetize your passion for snow sports is to become a brand ambassador for one of your favorite brands like Salomon, Norrona, or Adidas

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Become a BOSU Ball Ambassador

Become a BOSU Ambassador

BOSU Ball is a very innovative, and a very unique product that I’ve personally been using ( and promoting ! ) since 2006. Back in the days, when I worked as a personal trainer, I had many clients with knee, and lower back problems, and I used BOSU Ball to help them improve balance, stability, and core strength.

BOSU Ball ( which, in case you didn’t know, stands for “Both Sides Up”  ), is mainly used for stability, and core strengthening training which makes it quite a niche product. 

While it’s fun to use it for anybody, one must be a very knowledgeable, and experienced certified trainer to provide results for his/her clients using BOSU Ball training.

Today, the term “BOSU” has evolved beyond the product to now mean “Both Sides Utilized,” a mindful approach to exercise that is a step beyond traditional training. This clarity of who we are and what we want to offer inspired the development of additional BOSU® products and programming, all of which are grounded in exercise science and proven in real-life application.

If you’re a certified personal trainer who’s looking for more business opportunities while building his/her personal brand, and continue physical education, BOSU offers a great Ambassadorship opportunity to qualified trainers :

The BOSU® Education Team is a large network of fitness industry professionals that develop, deliver and promote BOSU® products and programming worldwide. We are excited that you are interested in becoming a BOSU® Ambassador. Below, you will find the benefits of being a BOSU® Ambassador.


  • Opportunity to facilitate various workshops and master classes developed by the BOSU® Education Team
  • Opportunity to be a part of the BOSU® Team at fitness conferences throughout North America
  • Opportunity to contribute content and be featured via social media & blogs
  • Opportunity to collect passive income through affiliate programs
  • Prominent listing on as an Ambassador (with location and contact information)
  • Discounts on all Hedstrom products and educational videos for personal use
  • Private communication portal to connect and learn from other BOSU® team members)

Apply to become a BOSU Ambassador here…

But if you don’t get picked, no worries !

If you love using BOSU Ball in your workouts, want to help others get the benefits of BOSU training, AND make money, you can still promote BOSU products through Amazon affiliate or Amazon Influencer programs !


Truth to be told…

If you try to promote JUST BOSU Ball products, chances are, you WON’T make a whole lot of $$$… 

On the bright side, as an Amazon influencer you can promote ANY fitness brand, and their products !

More than that !

When you send people to your Amazon Influencer page, and they buy ANYTHING on Amazon…


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