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Get Paid To Ski And Travel The World

Get paid to ski and travel the world.

All the gear, all the travel, and all the pow: It’s everything skiers need a dream job to be. And you get a cool 10 grand to boot !

Love skiing, and want to become a social media influencer ? Want to make $10K in just two months, travel to 7 countries all expenses paid, and get FREE gear from companies like Oakley, Rossignol, Helly Hansen, and GoPro ?

Then check out this gig : and Epic Pass recently announced a new job geared toward fully embracing the ski bum lifestyle — and it doesn’t come with any deal-breaking caveats.

The gig:

Spend two months skiing or snowboarding to your heart’s content across seven countries, three continents, and more than a dozen ski resorts. Best of all, the job includes all the gear you need and $10,000 !

“We have been in the business of ski travel for 47 years, and even our team of experienced, well-traveled Mountain Travel Experts hasn’t been on a ski trip this epic,” chief marketing officer Dan Sherman said in a statement. “We are excited to partner with the Epic Pass and other iconic ski and travel brands to hire an adventurer who will highlight what it’s like to literally travel around the world on a single ski trip.”

One lucky hiree will travel to resorts in snow-capped countries like Switzerland, Italy, Canada, Austria, the United States, France, and Japan. And they’ll wear apparel from Oakley, Rossignol, and Helly Hansen. To document their travels, GoPro will also completely outfit them with a suite of camera gear.

Interested applicants should submit a video — one-minute maximum — explaining why they’d be the perfect candidate. The application window runs from September 5 to October 15. Read all the rules and apply here.

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What does Jillian Michael promote on her Amazon Influencer Page ?

Jillian Michaels’s Amazon page is a great example of how fitness influencers can create an additional passive income.

Check out recommended products from Jillian Michaels’s Amazon influencer page, and see how YOU can make money as a fitness ( or travel ) Amazon influencer .

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Jillian Micheals’s Amazon Page

Jillian Michaels's Amazon Page

As you can see, Jillian Michaels doesn’t just promote her 30 day shred workouts, but also fitness gear, supplements, and even cosmetics, and makeup ! 

And despite of her net worth of 14 million dollars, it’s not beneath her to use Amazon influencer program to create an additional passive income !

But as you can imagine, it’s much easier for her to make money with Amazon influencer program because of her celebrity status, and her previous entrepreneurial ventures. 

From her hit televisions shows, extensively successful fitness DVDs and exercise streaming platform, 8 New York Times best-selling books, award-winning podcast, live speaking engagements, iPhone App, popular social media channels and her personal website– she has built an international community of followers 100 million + strong. 

And the key to building this following, and her influence ?

“You need to find where your strengths and the needs of your audience align, and then make that known. I learned a long time ago that you can’t be everything to everyone. There are 7 billion people on the planet, and enough of them who will respond to my voice and my uniqueness to build a very healthy, happy business,” Michaels says.

In other words – instead of trying to be everything to everybody, you need to find your true self, your voice, your personal brand !

Unfortunately, building your personal brand is not the same as creating your brand logo. 

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” ~ Jeff Bezos 

Your personal brand is the sum total of who you are, what you do, why you do it and how you do it. It’s not something you can fake. It’s authentic and deep-seated.

If you get it right, your personal brand will make you stand out from the crowd, shine a spotlight on your expertise and enhance your value. You’ll have an energy and a buzz about you that people can’t help being drawn to.

But you don’t have to be a celebrity personal trainer, or a famous travel TV host (like Anthony Bourdain) to create your own Amazon influencer page, and start building your authority and your personal brand while providing value to your audience !

If you have a qualifying social media channel with genuine following and engagement, you can easily join Amazon influencer program, and start making money ASAP ! 

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prAna Influencer Program For U.S. Certified Personal Trainers

prANa – clothing for people who live fully, play long, and travel well !


prAna Influencer Program

If you love yoga, fitness, and the great outdoors, prAna influencer program is a great way to establish yourself as a fitness and/or travel social media influencer !!

From prAna Instagram page:

Did you know that as a US based certified personal trainer, you are eligible to join prAna Influencer Program, and receive special pricing and deals online and at your local prAna store ?

From their website :

As a prAna Influencer you’re living proof that sustainable, versatile clothing has a place in the studio, in the office, and everywhere your journey takes you.

Our Influencers receive special pricing as well as sneak peeks at our new collections, product releases, and Stories. In return Influencers are asked to represent and share the values of our company: Live fully, play long, and travel well.

As a prAna Influencer, you are able to shop in all prAna Flagship retail stores (Boulder, Denver, Edina, Manhattan Beach, Palo Alto, Portland & San Francisco) and receive the same discount you do online.”

Join prAna Influencer Program here…

Don’t want just 50% off, “and social media proof” ?

Want to make money promoting prAna products ?

Watch the video below to learn how YOU can make money being prAna affiliate :

prAna affiliate marketing platform works exactly like any other affiliate platform out there !!

  • If you have a blog or social media following, you can post links to
  • Each time someone visits prAna from your blog or social media profile and makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

Very simple !! ( learn more about prAna affiliate program here )

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Become Salomon’s Outdoor Ambassador !

Salomon Ambassador Program

SALOMON US is an outdoor, and fitness brand for men, women and children that makes ski, snowboarding boots, trail running and hiking clothes & shoes.

If you like free gear, playing outside, and sharing your experience with others, outdoor apparel and equipment innovator Salomon is actively seeking an eclectic 10-person crew to use and abuse its latest products !

Salomon is looking for 10 people to join the squad in time for the launch of its best hiking shoe ever, the OUTline!

Salomon Outline Mens Hiking Shoe

The Salomon Squad is a unique, eclectic, and quirky group of individuals — they’re runners, skiers, backpackers, hikers, guides, pro athletes, vagabonds, and business professionals. Despite the differences, there’s a common thread: They all love playing outside!

The new crew’s first job will be helping Salomon’s launch its latest hiking boot — the OUTline, a shoe for men and women that intentionally blurs the lines between trail and town.

But that’s just the start. This year’s 10 lucky Salomon Squad members will be outfitted head to toe in branded gear throughout the year.

Sound like your kind of gig? You can apply right here.

But even if you don’t get picked, here are a few way how YOU can make money promoting Salomon’s products without being their “official brand ambassador” :

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ExtraHyperActive’s Amazon Influencer Page

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What is Amazon Influencer Program


Do you buy your fitness and/or outdoor gear on Amazon ?

Love sharing your workouts, and outdoor adventures with others on social media ?

Then you can become an Amazon Influencer ! 

🔥 🔥 Amazon Influencer Program allows you to get your own presence on Amazon, which you can customize and curate with products you recommend in your videos on YouTube or pictures on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 🔥🔥

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