Success Stories From Those Who Turned Their Love & Passion For Adventure Travel, Fitness, & The Outdoors Into A Profitable Business

Weebly For Fitness & Travel Influencers is a great, beginner friendly website and blog building platform that would be perfect for fitness and travel influencers whether they’re building their first website, blog, ecommerce site, or even a landing page.

Weebly for fitness & travel influencers

In my previous video I talked about a very similar platform

Since, Weebly and Wix are very similar, I won’t go into details about advantages and disadvantages, and instead, will share a blog post that compares Weebly vs. Wix, and a few other similar website building platforms. 

Weebly is a very user friendly, robust and reliable website builder. It’s one of the easiest drag and drop, code free website builders available in the market today. It also offers its users to start their first blog or a website for absolutely free !

Weebly currently powers over 30 million websites, equivalent to more than 2% (and growing) of the websites on the internet are currently run on Weebly – that’s very impressive considering there are a lot of websites across the entire internet!

There are definitely more advanced website builders out there. But if you want something intuitive and user-friendly, that can help you build a good looking and functional influencer website quickly and painlessly, Weebly is a really good choice for you.

Watch the video below to see how other fitness and travel influencers use Weebly to run their own businesses, and blogs :


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How To Make Money As Adidas Brand Ambassador

If you love fitness, sports, and the great outdoors, becoming an Adidas brand ambassador could be a great way to make some extra money… as long as you specialize in one of these marketing niches.

adidas brand ambassador 2018

Adidas is known for being one of the most famous athletic/sportswear brands in the world. Adidas also became renown for diversifying its products and dominating its markets, chiefly by 30 types of footwear for 11 sports ( mainly – track and field, soccer, wrestling, boxing, tennis, golf, and gymnastics ).

Tip : 

Adidas would be a great brand if you love fitness, AND participate in one of those sports ( even if you do it on an amateur level ).

Does your favorite sport have popular Adidas products ?

If the answer is “no”, then, Adidas might not be the right fit for you.

It WON’T WORK for you if you’re just a fitness buff/an average gym gower/”fitness model” 😫😰


In 2011, Adidas tried to break into outdoor recreations marketing niches ( first – hiking, trail running, skateboarding, and even snowboarding ).

adidas skateboarding shoes

The same year, Adidas purchased the famous high-end rock climbing brand Five Ten, and made it a part of Adidas Outdoor.

Five Ten, the Brand of the Brave, has a new official home on adidas Outdoor.  We are the leader in performance, high-friction footwear. From downhill mountain bike racing to rock climbing, Five Ten makes footwear for the world’s most challenging sports. For over 30 years, we have produced cutting-edge designs utilizing our proprietary Stealth rubber. With the help of top national and international athletes and guides, combined with a world-class rubber-testing and R&D facility, Five Ten is the shoe brand of choice for the world’s most exciting athletes.  As we integrate with our parent company since 2011, adidas, expect the focus on the athlete to intensify.

But not many people know that Adidas has been creating outdoor products for many years.

In the late ’70s, adidas was designing and making lightweight hiking and approach shoes for Reinhold Messner, which he used on his early Everest expeditions and on his successful first ascent of Everest without supplemental oxygen in 1978.

Over the following years, adidas had created a number of outdoor products, but it wasn’t until about 2009 that the outdoor focus became realized.

Tip :

Love fitness, AND ( at least ) one of these outdoor activities ( hiking, trail running, skateboarding, mountain biking, snowboarding ) ? 

Then, you could be a perfect fit for Adidas !

adidas Superstar ADV Snowboard Boot - Men's

adidas Terrex Swift R2 GTX for hiking and trail running

How to make money as an Adidas brand ambassador ?

Brand promotion by adidas has always included sponsorships of athletes, celebrities and prominent sports organizations.

Most of the individual sponsorships at adidas are for athletes. In 2014, that roster included soccer star David Beckham and basketball standouts Dwight Howard, Candace Parker and Tim Duncan. However, the company has also struck deals with non-athletes such as entertainers Katy Perry, Cyclops, The Like, B.o.B., A-Track and Busy P. The company has also sponsored many prominent sports organizations, including The 2008 and 2012 Olympic Committees, the Boston Marathon and the NBA.

Tip :

But even if you’re not a famous athlete who competes on international level, or a famous entertainer with already well established personal brand, you can still make money by joining Adidas affiliate program.

Which Adidas affiliate program is right for you ?

Adidas participates in several affiliate programs. Additionally, it sells its products on other ecommerce sites that offer their own affiliate opportunities.

Tip :

If you love fitness and sports, we recommend going with Adidas “in-house” affiliate program on their main site ( )

If you’re more passionate about the above mentioned outdoor activities, we recommend applying through their partner website  


Adidas Outdoor doesn’t have their own affiliate program, and instead, uses another affiliate platform AvantLink

AvantLink is very picky about who they choose as their publishing partners, and your new influencer website/blog might not get approved.

Best way to make money as Adidas ambassador ?  

If you’re new to influence marketing, and still building your portfolio of brands you’ve worked with, there is no better alternative than joining Amazon affiliate program, or  Amazon influencer program !

The ability to generate sales is the MOST IMPORTANT skill a brand ambassador/influence could possibly have !


As you already might know, when you drive traffic to Amazon, Amazon will pay YOU 4% -10% commission for ANY purchases made through your affiliate links ( even if people don’t buy Adidas ! ).

In conclusion :

As I always say, it’s NOT about which brand you promote, or which affiliate platform you join. It’s not even about how many social media followers you have, and how cool your pictures are. 

If you don’t have at least the basic understanding of business & marketing, if you don’t have your own personal brand, making money as a brand ambassador/influencer is pretty much impossible. 

If you’re new to influencer marketing ( or marketing in general ), I strongly recommend to join our influencer network to learn the fundamentals of business, marketing, and branding.

We can help you clearly define your marketing niche/business idea, build your first website/blog/social media following/mailing list, and most important – make your first money as a professional brand ambassador/influencer !

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Love Yoga and Biking ? Become MOGI Ambassador !

MOGI – The World’s First Yoga Mat Bag That Attaches To Your Bicycle


Become MOGI Ambassador

                                                         Amazon Image


As I previously wrote, if you’re truly passionate about yoga, there are many opportunities to turn your passion into a business ( or, at least, make some extra money to support your lifestyle ! ).

One of the easiest ways is to become a brand ambassador/influencer for one of many yoga brands out there.

In this post, I shared with you a great opportunity for U.S. based certified trainers, and yoga instructors to become a brand ambassador for prAna


Instead of trying to become a brand ambassador for such popular yoga brands as prAna, Lululemon, Athleta… to really stand out from the crowd, try to go niche !

( If you’re new to niche marketing, feel free to join our 1 month in-house training program to learn more ).

While there are many different styles of yoga, and diffrent marketing niches, this company offers a truly unique product that could help you create your own micro-niche !


                                                   Amazon Image

MOGI solves the yogi wanderlust dilemma with 1 simple design. 

MOGI is a quick-connect yoga mat bag bicycle pannier which allows you to easily attach your mat bag to your bike rack. Effortlessly take your mat with you anywhere you ride. It’s clip and go design make MOGI the only yoga mat bag you’ll ever need for city life and adventure.

This product would work best for people who’re not only passionate about yoga, but also love biking, and working out in the outdoors !

As a MOGI ambassador, you’ll be able to offer 10% for your social media followers, and if somebody buys one of their products through your link, you’ll get paid 10%.

If :


10% of followers buy a bag = 20,000 bags sold

Your cut of the sales = $80,000 !

Don’t have a huge social media following just yet ?

Still new to influencer marketing ?

Don’t want to become their “brand slave” ?

NO problem !

Another option is to join Amazon affiliate or Amazon influencer program, and add MOGI to your list of products you want to promote.

Because MOGI is a fitness product, you’ll make 5.5% commission if somebody buys it through your link


4% -10% commission for any other product bought from Amazon !! 

( Learn more about Amazon influencer program here ).


But as I always say : “It’s NOT about which brand/products your promote or which affiliate platform you belong to”… 

It’s all about your knowledge of business, and marketing, and, the most important, – the power of your PERSONAL BRAND !

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How Much Amazon Influencers Make In The Beginning

How much Amazon influencers make

Check our

ExtraHyperActive Amazon Influencer Page Here

As I mentioned before, Amazon influencer program is a great way for fitness & travel influencers to create an additional income stream.

For those who’re new to influencer marketing, Amazon influencer program is a great way to test the waters, and decide for themselves if they have what it takes to be a social media influencer marketer. It’s easy, and fast to join if you already have at least one qualifying social media channel with a dedicated and genuine following. 


It’s easy to join, NOT easy to actually be an Amazon influencer !

Amazon doesn’t care how pretty your pictures are, or how many followers you have, and how high your (fake) “engagement” is. All they care about are results ! And by results I mean – SALES !

So, how many sales are you expected to make as an Amazon influencer ? And most important – how much money can you except to make as an Amazon influencer ( if you’re new to business & marketing, and just getting started ) ? 

Check out the video below :

Want to get started as an Amazon influencer ? Want the easiest and fastest way ?

Then I recommend getting started with Amazon affiliate marketing first !

As I mentioned in my previous video, because I had been a part of Amazon affiliate program for a long time, getting approved as an Amazon influencer was a breeze !

And if you have any questions about Amazon affiliate marketing or Amazon influencer marketing programs ( or influencer marketing in general ! ), I’m always here to help you in any possible way !!

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Free Websites For Fitness & Travel Influencers

Influencer website

Just because you’re aiming to be an influencer in social media doesn’t mean your presence should stop there.

Having a website or blog (or a website with a blog) gives you yet another place for brands to find YOU !! Having a blog dedicated to the happenings in your industry will only further solidify your place as an influencer. Plus, you can easily share your blog posts to your social channels.

Creating a website is easier than ever thanks to all the available platforms. If you have unique content shared across multiple social channels, your website can be a great place to showcase it all together !


With your own website you’ll be able to build additional income streams through affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, or even selling your own products !

Advantages of your own influencer website:

  • You are thinking of creating a strong brand image with a professional looking website
  • You are a leader, coach, or motivator looking to establish a strong web presence with an amazing website.
  • You want to increase your email subscribers list.
  • You want a clean, responsive, SEO-friendly, and speed optimized website.
  • You are new to web development and want to create a website easily without dealing with the hard technical aspects.

These 4 website building platforms are absolutely free, and easy to use for anybody without any technical knowledge :

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  • $5 for a picture you take wearing our brand
  • 4% – 10% commission for all Amazon sales ( even if you don’t participate in Amazon affiliate/influencer program )
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The biggest benefit of being our brand Ambassador/Influencer ?

If you’re a quick learner, and can follow simple steps, we’d love to endorse YOU to our partner brands !

When you’re just an Average Joe/Jane, nobody knows you, nobody pays attention to you, nobody trusts you…

When you become our Ambassador, you immediately build your credibility by joining our network of like-minded people. With all the training, and support, you’ll establish yourself as a professional influencer, a highly-valued, sought-after leader, an authority, and an expert in your marketing niche.

Other people in your niche will look at you differently, and other brands would more likely to work with you as a business than just another “faceless social media profile” ( no matter how many followers you have ).

When it comes to making money:

“You will either win, or you will learn ! “

P.S. : If $57 is a “big investment“, my advice – DON’T even bother getting started in business & marketing.