Success Stories From Those Who Turned Their Love & Passion For Adventure Travel, Fitness, & The Outdoors Into A Profitable Business

How A Nerd Turned His Blog Into A Seven Figure Fitness Business

How A Nerd Turned His Blog Into A Seven Figure Fitness Business



A lot of online and offline fitness personal trainers struggle with running a successful business. And one of the main reasons why is because they simply don’t know who their customers are.

“I help people lose weight, and look better”…”I help people look good naked”…”‘I help people meet their goals”.

When it comes to finding/defining your fitness niche, going too broad, and general is a sure way for disaster. Despite of your genuine desire to help everybody to be healthy, you can’t help all people.

That’s where the idea of “fitness niche market” comes in play. To put it simply – marketing to fewer people can help you establish yourself as an authority, get you more clients, and make more money faster and easier ! read more…

Love Running And Travel ? Start Your Own Business !

Love Running And Travel ? Start Your Own Business !



I stumbled upon an article about a new trend/spin on your ol’ fashioned sightseeing:

“Sightjogging”- is the latest trend for health-conscious or time-pressed visitors wanting to check out key landmarks and get to know their way around town.

Sightjogging is a fun and different way of combining tourism, adventure and sport. read more…

Become An Outdoor Fitness Guide

Become An Outdoor Fitness Guide



Although many people claim to love being outside and taking part in outdoor activities, a large percentage of people spend the majority of their times indoors. With many adults and children spending up to 8 to 10 hours a day in work or school, there isn’t much time left at the end of the day to enjoy fresh air. However, fresh air is one thing that naturally helps improve physical and mental health and creates a feeling of calm and overall well-being.

A 2011 study found that outdoor exercise was associated with greater decreases in tension, confusion, anger and depression when compared to indoor activity. Science suggest there are benefits to exercising outdoors that can’t be replicated on a treadmill, a recumbent bicycle or a track.

Melanie Webb, wellness travel expert, thought leader and creator of Sol Fitness Adventures, shares the same beliefs. “The future of fitness is nature. ” – she says.

Melanie created Sol Guide Certification program that teaches participants how to combine traditional fitness and mindfulness techniques with outdoor activities in natural surroundings. read more…

How To Turn Your Into An Award Winning Travel Blog

How To Turn Your Into An Award Winning Travel Blog


moon design studio co. presents

As I wrote in my previous post, is a great beginner friendly, FREE blogging platform offered by no other than Google itself. Even though this blogging platform has its own limitations, it also has many advantages :

  • many free gadgets ( plug-ins ) and themes
  • multiple blog accessibility ( you can create and manage as many blogs as possible and access all of them from one dashboard )
  • its very SEO friendly ( after all, Google loves its blogs ! )
  • Google gives you unlimited bandwidth ( so you won’t have to worry about “high traffic” especially when you’re just getting started )
  • have no worries or fear about the security of your blog; blogs are secured as far as your Google account is secured.
  • monetize your blog from the start with Google AdSense, third party ads and banners, affiliate links

One of the biggest “concerns” many “professional bloggers” have is that because your blog is hosted on Google’s server, it can be deleted by Google any time. From my personal experience, if you use with the compliance of Google’s rules, you’ll be fine ( and yes, I did have a few blogs deleted by Google for not following the rules ).

Personally,  I believe that Blogger is a great platform for beginners to use ! But as I mentioned in my video, you would need to spend some time and effort to make your blog look professional.

Till recently,  I thought my blog looked decent, before I came across “Just  Chasing Rabbits” blog. read more…

How To Turn Your Passion For Adventure Travel Into A Profitable Business

How To Turn Your Passion For Adventure Travel Into A Profitable Business



You don’t have to be a professional outdoor guide, or a sponsored pro athlete to get paid to do what you love. In my previous post “Teach Yourself A New Skill“,  I wrote about Jyoti Raju who was on a the verge of suicide, and was about to throw himself off a cliff. Instead, he taught himself rock climbing, climbed that cliff, and became a famous climbing and acrobatics performer.

When you combine your passion, hard work, and a bit of luck, opportunity will present itself. Just don’t count on passion alone. While enthusiasm is a great place to start, it’s not enough to sustain your business for the long term.

That’s exactly what Becky and Kevin from Surf.Work.Travel would tell you. You have to work hard to build the life around your passion.

Kevin who is a law graduate, and Becky, a biology major, worked in various surf schools around Europe, got hooked on surfing, and wanted to continue to share that epic feeling. In 2011 they founded Hong Kongs’ first professional surf school, bringing international standards of safety and stoke to the local community. read more…