When I say that I help people build their own business based on their love and passion on adventure travel, fitness, and the outdoors, some people ask me : ” Why adventure travel, fitness, and the outdoors ? Why not just fitness, or just travel ? ”

Well, to begin with, there are already tons of fitness and travel blogs. And many times can one possibly write about ” 10 Places To Eat In Paris” , or ” How To Lose 10 lbs In  A Week” ?

Cause that’s EXACTLY what I’ve been seeing/reading that last few years from all these modern day “travel bloggers” , and “online personal trainers and fitness coaches”. Besides, not many people nowadays consider themselves to be fitness buffs, or travel nomads.

There is a new market has been growing rapidly the last few years.

These people love to work out, play in the outdoors, and even when they travel they love to stay active, and try out new adventures, and experiences. They are not extreme athletes or adrenaline junkies. They are regular people just like you and me, who want to live a happy, healthy, and adventurous life, they’d love to do more of what they’re passionate about, but can’t seem to find time ( or money ! ) to do so. They would like to find the way to support their healthy, and adventurous lifestyle, but they simply don’t know where to start, and what exactly to do.

In the video below, I want to show them how popular magazines like Outside, and Men’s Health combined adventure travel, fitness, and the outdoors, to increase their fan base, and their profits. I also share their idea how they can do the same.

I’ve been doing online marketing for fitness and adventure travel companies since 2009, and nowadays I share my knowledge and expertise with like-minded people who want to turn their passion for fitness and travel into a profitable business. After watching the vide, if you still have questions how to get started, feel free to join our Facebook group “Extrahyperactive Network” to post your questions, connect with others, and learn the ropes of online and affiliate marketing.