Get paid to ski and travel the world.

All the gear, all the travel, and all the pow: It’s everything skiers need a dream job to be. And you get a cool 10 grand to boot !

Love skiing, and want to become a social media influencer ? Want to make $10K in just two months, travel to 7 countries all expenses paid, and get FREE gear from companies like Oakley, Rossignol, Helly Hansen, and GoPro ?

Then check out this gig : and Epic Pass recently announced a new job geared toward fully embracing the ski bum lifestyle — and it doesn’t come with any deal-breaking caveats.

The gig:

Spend two months skiing or snowboarding to your heart’s content across seven countries, three continents, and more than a dozen ski resorts. Best of all, the job includes all the gear you need and $10,000 !

“We have been in the business of ski travel for 47 years, and even our team of experienced, well-traveled Mountain Travel Experts hasn’t been on a ski trip this epic,” chief marketing officer Dan Sherman said in a statement. “We are excited to partner with the Epic Pass and other iconic ski and travel brands to hire an adventurer who will highlight what it’s like to literally travel around the world on a single ski trip.”

One lucky hiree will travel to resorts in snow-capped countries like Switzerland, Italy, Canada, Austria, the United States, France, and Japan. And they’ll wear apparel from Oakley, Rossignol, and Helly Hansen. To document their travels, GoPro will also completely outfit them with a suite of camera gear.

Interested applicants should submit a video — one-minute maximum — explaining why they’d be the perfect candidate. The application window runs from September 5 to October 15. Read all the rules and apply here.

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