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As I mentioned before, Amazon influencer program is a great way for fitness & travel influencers to create an additional income stream.

For those who’re new to influencer marketing, Amazon influencer program is a great way to test the waters, and decide for themselves if they have what it takes to be a social media influencer marketer. It’s easy, and fast to join if you already have at least one qualifying social media channel with a dedicated and genuine following. 


It’s easy to join, NOT easy to actually be an Amazon influencer !

Amazon doesn’t care how pretty your pictures are, or how many followers you have, and how high your (fake) “engagement” is. All they care about are results ! And by results I mean – SALES !

So, how many sales are you expected to make as an Amazon influencer ? And most important – how much money can you except to make as an Amazon influencer ( if you’re new to business & marketing, and just getting started ) ? 

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Want to get started as an Amazon influencer ? Want the easiest and fastest way ?

Then I recommend getting started with Amazon affiliate marketing first !

As I mentioned in my previous video, because I had been a part of Amazon affiliate program for a long time, getting approved as an Amazon influencer was a breeze !

And if you have any questions about Amazon affiliate marketing or Amazon influencer marketing programs ( or influencer marketing in general ! ), I’m always here to help you in any possible way !!

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