Influencer Marketing Platform For Fitness & Travel Influencers

Our influencer marketing platform provides the best training, resources, and support for fitness & travel brand influencers.

There is a reason it’s called “influencer marketing“… with the emphasis on “marketing“.

You CAN’T influence ANYBODY if you have no idea who your market is !!

And sadly, most “social media influencers” nowadays have no clue….

Influencer marketing is growing, but so is competition.

If YOU want to stand out from the crowd, if you want to position yourself as a professional brand ambassador/influencers, if you want brands come looking for YOU, then you need to have at least the basic understanding of marketing, business, and branding.

The dream of making money online sounds very attractive to many people. Lured by false promises like “make money travel blogging”, or “we’ll teach you how to become an Instagram influencer”, tons of people shell out big bucks for confusing, outdated, and even straight up useless information sold by “online gurus”, and “social media specialists” who’ve never made a dime from their own business.

Over 3 million people a DAY search the Internet looking for a way to make money online. Every 11 seconds, someone starts a new home based business. Over 70 million people earn an income in home based Internet and network marketing and direct sales.

Sadly, fewer than 5% people in this industry do it full time. Most people quit without ever publishing their first blog post or selling/promoting their first  brand/product/service.

If you’ve looked around, or been involved in some other programs, you know what I am talking about. The confusion, the frustration is overwhelming, and causes most people to throw up their hands in despair. Learning how to market; be an entrepreneur; and finding real success online can be challenging. We are here to change that for you and anyone looking for a change.

Whether you’ve been only thinking about starting an online business; or already have a travel and fitness blog that doesn’t make any money ( or makes less than $100 a month ); or you’re simply looking to cut through the layers of hype, fluff and bogus information and “systems”, you will love what we have to offer here !

Warning: Online get-rich-quick scams are swindling people out of thousands of dollars by promising overnight success. 

avoid online scams, and "make money online opportunity"

REAL online success only happens when you monetize your knowledge, deliver value, and build your business. Information is king. And in today’s e-commerce and tech-centered culture if you have information, knowledge, expertise or a solution to sell then the Internet is where you stand to make a lot of money.

But most people don’t know the first thing about starting an online business, let alone making it profitable.

Our vision at ExtraHyperActve influencer marketing platform is quite different than what you may have found in other companies, and other “systems”.

We are different because we DON’T teach “how to make money online” or “how to become a social media influencer”


Unlike other “online gurus” we don’t make money only by teaching others “how to make money online”. Our influencer training program teaches EXACTLY THE SAME principles we personally have used to make money as professional marketers, and brand ambassadors specifically in fitness & travel marketing niches


Unlike other online marketers, and “wannabe social media celebrities”,  we tell people right from the start, that the ONLY way to become a professional brand influencer is by delivering measurable results to brands and companies in their chosen marketing niche.

The great thing about being a brand influencer is that you don’t have to have your own product or service ( at least in the beginning ) ! By promoting/endorsing other people products/services you will make money !


Why Fitness & Travel ?


How to become a fitness & travel brand influencer

Both fitness and travel are multi billion dollar industries, and they’re growing 10-15% annually ! On the flip side, both of these industries are so popular AND competitive, that it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to stand out in the crowd among thousands of similar travel and fitness influencers, blogs and websites.,..Not to mention to make ANY money !

To join ExtraHyperActive influencer marketing platform, you don’t have to be a certified personal trainer, a travel blogger or have any previous internet marketing experience to make money online !


We offer something that works for “the little guy”; the part timer; the stay home mom; the “non guru” who doesn’t have time to learn the basics of entrepreneurship, or to figure out complicated marketing systems, blog customizing, web design and social media. We also offer something for the full time, home business internet marketer or a travel/fitness blogger who wants to add a primary or additional income stream.

Instead of starting another travel blog, or an online personal training website, instead of wasting time posting pictures on Instagram for free,  we help people combine their love and passion for travel, fitness, and the outdoors to build a business based on their individual interests. 

These people don’t necessary want to lose weight or become travel bloggers. Most of them live a “regular life “ of full time jobs, family, mortgages, car payments and bills. Yet, they love staying fit, and love being active in the great outdoors. Whenever they travel, they focus on experiences, and adventures, rather than on the usual “sightseeing and places to eat”. They also love sharing their passion for fitness and outdoors with others. And they wouldn’t mind making extra money to buy new gear, or to finance a new adventure.


And we help those people build their personal brand so they can support their happy, healthy, and adventurous lifestyle !

Are You Read To Become A Fitness & Travel Brand Influencer ?!


I'm Ready !