Influencer training for fitness & travel influencers

I got into influencer marketing from blogging sharing my passion for fitness, and adventure travel with other like-minded people. I had no formal training, knowledge, or experience. More than that, because English was not my first language, it was extremely hard for me to create social media content.

But I invested a lot of time, effort, and money (!) to learn how to become a brand influencer for companies in fitness & travel  marketing niches.

If I could do it, YOU can do it too !!


Influencer marketing is NOT about posting pictures on Instagram, and Facebook. To become a paid brand influencer one needs at least basic knowledge, and understanding of ( influencer ) marketing, business, and branding.

Nowadays, brands want to work only with professional, knowledgeable, experienced brand ambassadors/influencers. Brands are looking for influencers who have a genuine, loyal following, and the ability to build engaging, trustworthy relationships between them, and their target audience.

Below, I created the absolute basic, and must-have influencer marketing tools to help fitness & travel influencers get started in the industry, and to positions themselves as professional brand ambassadors/influencers.

My advice – without at least basic knowledge of influencer marketing, online business, and branding, don’t even bother getting started.


Start Online Travel & Fitness Business
  • How To Start Online Fitness and Travel Business
  • Learn about travel & fitness niche marketing, and how you can combine your love and passion for adventure travel, fitness, and the outdoors to create a profitable online business.
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Amazon Influencer Marketing Platform
  • Amazon Influencer Marketing Program
  • This video is designed to do one thing – to show you exactly how to make money with Amazon influencer marketing program promoting travel & fitness related products.
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Join The Tribe !

Get Your Own Ambassador Page
  • Ambassador Sales Pages
  • As somebody who has “been there, done that,” we’re here to help you become a professional brand influencer. With our sales pages, and influencer training, specifically designed for our brand influencers, you won’t have any other choice but to succeed !
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Join Our Franchise

We Help You Create Your Own Brand
  • Start your own influencer marketing agency
  • Copy our existing business model to create your own influencer marketing platform. We’ll help you find a profitable niche, and establish yourself as an expert  to help others achieve their dreams to start a travel & fitness business.
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