How To Spot SPAM On Instagram

Not sure if that comment on your Instagram is spam ? 🙄🤔

Before you delete, and report that spam comment WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW !!

Unfortunately, even though it’s 2019, there are still tons of people who use automated bots to post spam comments on Instagram 😱😤

In the video below you’ll learn :

  • who are those people who still use automated bots to spot spam on Instagram
  • why they still do it in 2019 ( after Instagram had cracked down on major bots like Instagress, Mass Planner, Instamate… )
  • how to spot Instagram spam comment
  • should you respond/engage with those spam comments
  • should YOU use automated software to post comments/grow your Instagram 

Spoiler alert – those spammer could actually be doing you a favor 🤣😜

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