Land paddling business

If you still don’t know what land paddling is :

Inspired by stand up paddleboarding ( SUP ), and surfing, Land Paddling is an exciting, fun, and inclusive physical activity that can be done on any smooth surface.

Land Paddling (or as they also call it Stand Up Land Paddleboarding or Street SUP ) is the use of a long pole or stick while longboarding. The stick (or “Land Paddle”) is used to propel the longboarder farther without pumping. The stick is also used to direct the longboarder in the direction they are trying to turn and can be used as a brake Land Paddling is relatively new but seems to be catching on pretty fast.

It’s the MOST beginner-friendly board sport out there, not to mention it’s a load of fun ! Whether you’ve never stood up on any board before, or you’re a seasonal snowboarder, surfer, paddler, wake/kiteboarder, Land Paddling is a great complementary exercise for your body while fusing your soul with purity and freedom.

On top of that, land paddling is a great way to carve your own little niche to make some extra money to supplement your healthy, and adventurous lifestyle !

Land padding is a relatively new outdoor activity/board sport, and just a few years ago there was just one company that started this movement, and was selling land paddles.

Now that the popularity of the sport is growing, so is the competition !

Nowadays, there are dozens of companies that sell land paddles, and longboards specifically designed for SSUP ( Street Stand Up Paddleboarding ). Yet, so many years later, land paddling is still unknown to the outside world.

Every time I go land paddling in Seattle, I attract amazed and excited looks ! People stop and ask me what is that I am doing, how hard it is to do, and where they can buy one of these land paddles.

All that interest made me realize that this could be my next marketing niche. So as soon as I saw land paddles being sold online, I created my little niche site ( Seattle Land Paddling ) where I was sharing my stroke of land paddling with other outdoor enthusiasts, and fitness buffs in Washington state. I used affiliate marketing to promote land paddles, and longboards, and helped new land paddling brands spread the word about their products through online marketing, demos, and word of mouth.

While affiliate marketing is the main way how I make money, it’s not the only one !

Check out the video below where I share a few other ways to make money with land paddling ( or ANY other marketing niche in general ) :

As a personal trainer, I encouraged my clients to try land paddling so they could spend more time outside, maintain their physical fitness on weekends, and mix it up with hiking, biking, running… so they won’t get bored, and would stay motivated to continue working out, and would really focus on creating a healthy and adventurous lifestyle. Some of my clients loved land paddling so much, that, even though they’ve never tried any board sport before, it helped build confidence to try SUP ( stand up paddleboarding ), and even surfing.

Working with my clients also made me realize that despite how easy this sport is, there are people who still need basic instructions, and, most of all, encouragement to learn a new sport. That’s when I came with the idea to start a land paddling tour company !  Right from the start, and only with the help of Groupon and Instagram marketing, I’ve taken dozens of people on tours, and introduced them to the joy of land paddling ! My next idea is to offer rentals, and may be, eventually sales of my new land paddle brands.

As you can see, there are a few ways to turn your hobby into a business.

If you’re a personal trainer/fitness coach, adding land paddling to your services will not only make your workouts more fun , and exciting, but can also help attract new clients, retain old ones, and create additional income streams.

if you love board sports, promoting land paddling can help you support your passion for your favorite board sport, all create year round business opportunities ( if your board sport seasonal, like snowboarding or wakeboarding ).

Promoting a new active lifestyle or a fitness brand ? Land paddling, and cruising around on weekends will sure catch a lot of interested and intrigued looks !

ExtraHyperActive Land Paddling

Are you a MLM marketer in fitness and health niche ? Land paddling is a great conversation starter ! People will want to talk to you ! Instead of inviting them to those boring predictable “sales pitch” presentations, take them land paddling. Establish repo, and connect with them based on your shared passion for fitness, and adventure.

And if you’re handy, you can even make your own custom land paddles and longboards to sell ! As I’ve mentioned above, this outdoor activity/board sport is still relatively new, there is not a lot of competition, making a land paddle can sometime take just a stick and a Kong ball ( yes, the dog toy :)), and there is TONS of interest from potential buyers !

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