aqua aerobics

Are you a personal trainer who loves cycling, swimming, or a group exercise instructor teaching spin classes or aqua aerobics ? Do you want to start your own business, or to create an additional revenue stream ?

Then check out – Aquabike !

Aquabikes, or hydro-riders, are stationary bikes that have been anchored to a pool floor. The rider ends up being about chest deep while riding. Many classes are lead similar to the popular spin classes with an instructor calling out different drills, this is just done in water. The water obviously offers a difference in resistance than land, but the research is saying it’s also offering the heart a tremendous bonus.

While there is no shortage of group exercise classes at most gyms, the ones with a swimming pool, don’t offer such a variety. Other than aqua aerobics, and ( recently became popular ) SUP yoga, most gyms underutilize their pool space and time.

That’s why , I believe, it presents a great opportunity to offer aquabike classes !

Aqua Fit Pro, based in UK, helps entrepreneurs in health and fitness niches launch their own business by providing all the necessary tools, training, and support.

Being part of Aqua Fit Pro’s WAVINITY programme will give you the confidence and know how to start up your business using a simple and effective model to duplicate. We will work with you every step of the way by providing you with ongoing support and mentoring to help you create a successful and stress free business.

From the start, we will take you through our system of how to get, retain and convert customers. This includes using our booking system, CRM system, digital marketing strategy and any marketing tools. Following our model, you can start earning from £50,000 per year stress free working as little as 4h a day. With an easy operational system, running the company will seem effortless.

I have to admit, the initial £9,995 investment is not cheap. But having an ongoing support, and tools. But the promised ROI ( £50,000 per year ) makes it sound like a great opportunity !

Not ready for such a pricey commitment ?

Get an AquaBike for as low as $ 1,190 to start your solo-preneur journey !

Aquabiking is ideal for rehabilitation centers ( which is where they got their start ). Aqua fitness has many benefits over traditional, open-air exercise. When you exercise in water, your body only weighs 1/5 of its weight in the open air. This weightlessness combined with the hydrodynamic resistance of the water allows for easy, painless pedaling and eliminates unnecessary stress on joints. Hydrostatic pressure from the water increases circulation during exercise, which helps prevent lactic acid build-up in muscles, leading to a reduced sense of fatigue after your workout. Aqua fitness allows you to get in a great workout without the pain and discomfort you get from traditional, open-air workouts.

And you can always combine aquabiking with the traditional aqua aerobics to offer more value to your clients, and to help you stand out from the crowd if traditional group exercise coaches.

Check out the video below to get an idea about aquabiking, and other water related fun :