I stumbled upon an article about a new trend/spin on your ol’ fashioned sightseeing:

“Sightjogging”- is the latest trend for health-conscious or time-pressed visitors wanting to check out key landmarks and get to know their way around town.

Sightjogging is a fun and different way of combining tourism, adventure and sport.

In the US, the joys of sightjogging are spreading fast. In 2006, City Running Tours were started in New York City and have expanded to Chicago, San Diego, Washington DC and Charleston, with more in the pipeline. ‘It’s been a runaway success,’ said owner Michael Gazaleh. Tours cost $60 for the first six miles and $6 a mile after that.

Around the world, many major popular tourist cities offer sightjogging : Barcelona , Rome, London, Paris, Madrid, Cologne, Berlin, Dublin, Tel Aviv, and more.

Who’s it for?

For tourists: sight-jogging is a way to see the city sights whilst getting a sweat on.

For locals: a healthy means of finding out something new about where you live.

For seasoned runners: spice up your usual routine with a dose of history.

For novices: the sightseeing serves as a great distraction when you’re getting into running.

For walkers: most running tour companies are more than happy to take clients on walking tours of their routes.

In other words, who isn’t it for ?!

The length of a tour, fitness levels of the participants and routes vary. These running tours are
Ideal for the business traveler who is tired of the hotel treadmill, the marathon runner who is training for a race and is looking to continue or spice up their regular routine, or the recreational runner who wants to explore new and interesting routes.

From an entrepreneur’s perspective, sightjogging can be a great way to generate an extra income by becoming a guide, of if you’re ready to go solo, start your own sightjogging tour company !

This business opportunity is also a great way to leverage both online and offline income, and incorporate all 3 ways to make money :

1 – As a guide you will be selling your services

2 – Online you can set up a shop specializing in selling/promoting running gear and apparel.

3 – And you can also sell information like “things to do and to see in your area”.

Since sightjogging is not just about running, but also travel, you can also work and collaborate with local businesses in your area. Generating leads, sending referrals, and offering online banner or/and contextual advertising can a pretty lucrative passive income.

Sightjogging is a great example of a business where you combine your love and passion for adventure travel, fitness, and the outdoors !

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