A lot of online and offline fitness personal trainers struggle with running a successful business. And one of the main reasons why is because they simply don’t know who their customers are.

“I help people lose weight, and look better”…”I help people look good naked”…”‘I help people meet their goals”.

When it comes to finding/defining your fitness niche, going too broad, and general is a sure way for disaster. Despite of your genuine desire to help everybody to be healthy, you can’t help all people.

That’s where the idea of “fitness niche market” comes in play. To put it simply – marketing to fewer people can help you establish yourself as an authority, get you more clients, and make more money faster and easier !

My definition of “niche market” is simply – “a tight group of people who share the same love, passion, and vision as you”. When people see that you share the same interests, and values, they are more likely to buy from you. When people see you as “one of them”, you become known as “The Go To Trainer” for that niche.

Steve Kamb, the owner and creator of Nerd Fitness, is a perfect example.

Kamb began Nerd Fitness in 2009 as a blog, instantly drawing an active community of people who weren’t necessarily comfortable in traditional fitness environments like gyms. You know, nerds. As a free site, people could read Kamb’s inspiring blog and support other nerds in their fitness goals. Kamb initially monetized the site by offering e-books and now makes money when people sign up for theNerd Fitness Academy, a program that delivers workout routines, exercise videos, nutrition tips and members-only Facebook groups.

In creating the site, Kamb wanted to target those who feel like outcasts, who don’t fit into a typical fitness program and who may not fit into some social circles. His site became the only online space where people were not body-shamed or bullied for being into fantasy and anime.

On his site, Steve created a home for people who were just like him, kind of nerdy and are interested in fitness, but are too self-conscious to go to the gym.

His business has grown to seven figure revenue since he purchased the domain name for the site in 2007. He ran the New York City-based business as a solo operation for the first three years, but, like many owners of one-person firms, eventually made the decision to scale up. He has since grown it to nine people. Most of the firm’s revenue comes through online courses it sells through its Nerd Fitness Academy. The company also runs Camp Nerd Fitness, where several hundred people gather each fall for a fitness retreat held on a long weekend. Meanwhile, Kamb has written a new book called Level Up Your Life: How to Unlock Adventure and Happiness by Becoming the Hero of Your Own Story. 

Steve is a great example of how you can start with defining WHO YOU ARE, and finding YOUR OWN underserved fitness niche.