fitness for truck drivers

Other than Stallone in the movie “Over The Top”, when was the last time you saw a fit and healthy truck driver ?

Did you know that truck driving is one of the deadliest jobs in America ? And inaccessibility of healthy food choices, exercise, lack of sleep, as well as poor lifestyle in general are the main reasons why. Because of that, many of them are failing there physicals due to being overweight, having high blood pressure and diabetes. And as a truck driver you have to obtain and renew a medical card every two years and soon D.O.T. [department of transportation] is going to start implementing BMI (body mass index ) into physicals which will make it even harder to keep a job.

Did I mention the hours are long, and the pay sucks ? A trucker can easily work 4400 hours a year, coming to an hourly wage of $8.70 ( ! )

Not a surprise many truck drivers recently started looking for other ways to create extra income to support a healthier lifestyle.

On Instagram ( BTW, do you follow us @hyperactivex ? ), I met many truck drivers who strive to inspire other drivers to take care of their health by sharing fitness tips, healthy eating choices, and recipes, providing accountability and motivation.  To create an additional stream of income these truck drivers promote health supplements, and online fitness programs. Many became successful recruiters for big name MLM companies like USANA, Herbalife, and Beachbody.

Some of them even managed to quit their driving jobs once their passive income exceeded their work pay !

And the main reason why many ordinary truck drivers became more successful than fitness professionals ( or network marketers ) is simply because they managed to identify a need in the market, and they provided a solution !

So, one thing I want you to take away from this short post is that it’s VERY IMPORTANT to find your own niche AND establish yourself as an authority ! People are more likely to buy from those who are just like them, or at least those who understand their struggle, and can relate to it.

Before you start your online business, make sure you know EXACTLY who your audience is, what their struggle/problems are, and how EXACTLY you can help them solve those problems.

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