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My name is Paul Frolov, and I’m a fitness coach, adventure travel blogger, an online marketer, and the creator of ExtraHyperActive influencer marketing platform. I help brands in fitness & travel marketing niches raise brand awareness, get more traffic, generate more leads, and make more money.

I can show you how to do exactly what I do so you can  become a professional fitness and/or travel brand influencer… Best of all, I can help you build your own personal brand that will give you the financial freedom to work from anywhere in the world, make really good money, and upgrade your lifestyle as long as you have internet connection.

I do it all the time !

So do many other social media influencers, and entrepreneurs by turning their passion, knowledge and expertise into a profitable business.

Unlike other “online gurus” out there, I don’t make money only by teaching others “how to make money online”.

I’ve been in the fitness business since 1998, and in 2009, when I “discovered blogging”, I made online marketing my full time job.

Paul Frolov the founder of ExtraHyperActive

2008 Selling fitness and outdoor gear on eBay & Craigslist

But back in 2009, I had no idea about online business, marketing, and branding…

Back then there were just a handful of travel and fitness bloggers, and even fewer that were making money online. Everybody was trying to “crack the code” and “learn the secrets” of how to make money online, but because travel and fitness blogging ( and blogging in general ) was relatively new, the learning resources were very limited.

Since then, the dream of living “the laptop lifestyle” has drawn thousands of “wannabe lifestyle entrepreneurs, and social media influencers”. There are thousands of travel and fitness blogs online, numerous “influencers, gurus, coaches, and nomads”, and the technology has made “making money online” process fast and easy. Since there’s a low barrier to entry, anyone can become a “social media influencer” or a “lifestyle entrepreneur”.

The problem is, most people get into “influencer marketing”, or want to become “social media influencers” simply because they want to make money, or to get some free stuff ( “freebies, “swag”, “tchotchke” ). For them, it’s not about sharing their passion with others, it’s not about delivering value to the companies that give them that “swag”, it’s not about building genuine following, and relationships with their fans… it’s about “making money online” or getting free stuff. They don’t build their online business around their passion. They do it because they think it’s easy, trendy, and profitable.

Not a surprise that after getting a few “freebies” they get disappointed, get discouraged, and call “influencer marketing” a scam or at least a “waste of time”.

They simply don’t understand that building a profitable business, or becoming a paid social media influencer takes time, effort, and, money (!). And I’m not even talking about the amount of dedication one must put into “make it big”. For many travel and fitness influencers, it takes years to learn how to make money doing what they love !!

Paul Frolov the founder of ExtraHyperActive

2011 Living “laptop life” often meant crashing at campsites to use free Wi-Fi

The real online professionals didn’t become successful by ripping off others by offering half ass shady services, selling useless ebooks, online courses, webinars or “money making opportunities”.

They all provided real values by delivering measurable results. The most popular Instagram oe Youtube influencers, travel/fitness bloggers, or affiliate marketers combine wonderful storytelling with a service mindset. The sole purpose of ANY business is to SERVE its clients, solve their problems, and provide value.

And this is why I’m here – to SERVE YOU !

Whether you’re just thinking about becoming a brand influencer, or already had some experience collaborating with brands, I’m here to provide you all the necessary training, resources, and support to become a professional brand ambassador/influencer in your chosen fitness and/or travel niche !

If you’re just like me, if you love adventure travel, fitness, and outdoors, and want to create and support the same lifestyle, don’t overthink it !

Join now, and I’ll be personally helping you build your own online travel & fitness business !

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