No B.S “how to make money online” here.

 Practical, proven, step by step directions.

 We ONLY teach what will make you money.

I started ExtraHyperActive brand in 2009 with a free blog, and no domain name. I had absolutely no idea about blogging, online marketing, social media, lead generation, SEO, e-commerce…More than that, because English was not my first language, it was extremely hard for me to write my blog posts. I faced tons of criticism, and even pure hate.

But even before I bought my first domain for my first blog, I started getting invited to free trips, was receiving free fitness and outdoor gear, and samples, and even got paid to write about my personal adventures and workouts !

If I could do it, so can you !

Below I created the ONLY resources you will need to start making money with your travel & fitness business ! If you can’t make money with the tools provided here, you won’t make money online anywhere else !


Start Online Travel & Fitness Business
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  • Learn about travel & fitness niche marketing, and how you can combine your love and passion for adventure travel, fitness, and the outdoors to create a profitable online business.
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How To Make Money In Travel & Fitness Niche
  • This video is designed to do one thing… to show you exactly how to make money with affiliate platforms promoting travel & fitness related products, services, information.
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Join The Tribe !

Get Your Own Ambassador Page
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  • As somebody who has “been there, done that,” we’re here to help you start a profitable online business. Not a blog, not a hobby – a business that generates a residual online income on autopilot.
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Join Our Franchise

We Help You Create Your Own Brand
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  • Copy our existing business model to create your own brand. We help you find a profitable niche, and establish yourself as an expert  to help others achieve their dreams to start a travel & fitness business.
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