One way TRX ambassadors make money is by participating in TRX affiliate program. And if you love TRX suspension training, then YOU can do it too !! Earn 8% for every product sold through your website/blog, or social media channels.

TRX Affiliate Program

TRX world-class suspension training provides users with enduring, professional-grade workouts for all fitness levels. It’s a full bodyweight training system that packs into a portable kit. That’s why TRX workouts can be done anywhere !

Who Is TRX Affiliate Program For ?

TRX suspension trainers are perfect for personal trainers, health coaches, network marketers ( in health & fitness niches ), travellers, outdoor enthusiasts, and those who prefer home based workouts instead of gyms.

It’s also a great way for TRX loyal, and knowledgeable users to make some extra money by introducing TRX suspension training to others !

You DON’T have to be a certified personal trainer to introduce TRX suspension training to others, BUT you MUST have ( at least basic ) fitness knowledge, experience, and expertise !

How To Promote TRX ?

Joining TRX affiliate program is FREE, and you can earn up to 8% commission for every product sold through your website/blog, and/or social media channels. TRX also runs a high-value performance contest quarterly.

The two main TRX affiliate programs are Commission Junction, and Pepperjam. 

While Commission Junction has been around for more than 17 years, and very easy to join, acceptance to Pepperjam Network is not guaranteed.

But if you’re new to influencer affiliate marketing, the EASIEST way to promote TRX suspension trainers could be through Amazon affiliate, or Amazon Influencer programs ( learn more about them here ).

Which Products Can You Promote ?

To many people, TRX is mainly known for its suspension trainers ( TRX Home2, TRX Pro4, TRX Tactical ).

In reality, there are a variety of TRX products you can promote, and make money !

Among the most popular are TRX kettlebells, resistance bands, TRX rings, slam balls, and TRX battle rope.

How To Promote TRX Products ?

But as I always say : “It’s NOT about which affiliate program you belong to, or which brand/products you promote, and it’s ALL about HOW you do it !”

In the video below, I share a few tips about how you can maximize your affiliate commission promoting TRX products :

In conclusion :

Being a loyal, and knowledgeable TRX ambassador is NOT enough to make money promoting their products.

The main reason most (online) personal trainers, and fitness influencers don’t make money is because, while they’re knowledgeable about fitness in general, they lack the necessary knowledge, experience and expertise about business and marketing.  Also, most trainers DON’T have a strong personal brand ( which is crucial in this very crowded, and VERY competitive market ! ).

If you’re truly passionate about fitness & travel, but new to influencer affiliate marketing, and don’t know where to start, check out our influencer marketing network specifically designed for fitness & travel enthusiasts. 

When you join our ambassador team, you’ll learn the fundamentals of business, marketing, and branding to star YOUR own business ( or, at least, to make some extra money on the side to support your healthy, and adventurous lifestyle ! ) 

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