Weebly.com is a great, beginner friendly website and blog building platform that would be perfect for fitness and travel influencers whether they’re building their first website, blog, ecommerce site, or even a landing page.

Weebly for fitness & travel influencers

In my previous video I talked about a very similar platform Wix.com

Since, Weebly and Wix are very similar, I won’t go into details about advantages and disadvantages, and instead, will share a blog post that compares Weebly vs. Wix, and a few other similar website building platforms. 

Weebly is a very user friendly, robust and reliable website builder. It’s one of the easiest drag and drop, code free website builders available in the market today. It also offers its users to start their first blog or a website for absolutely free !

Weebly currently powers over 30 million websites, equivalent to more than 2% (and growing) of the websites on the internet are currently run on Weebly – that’s very impressive considering there are a lot of websites across the entire internet!

There are definitely more advanced website builders out there. But if you want something intuitive and user-friendly, that can help you build a good looking and functional influencer website quickly and painlessly, Weebly is a really good choice for you.

Watch the video below to see how other fitness and travel influencers use Weebly to run their own businesses, and blogs :


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