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Meet Paul a.k.a ExtraHyperActive


Paul Frolov aka ExtraHyperActivePaul Frolov is the owner and creator of ExtraHyperActive brand, an independant brand dedicated to adventure travel, fitness, and the outdoors.

Paul was born and raised in Russia, and traveled to US at age 21. After working as a personal trainer, and sales manager at different big box gyms, he left the fitness industry to create his own fitness based system that would help people with mental disorders live a happy, healthy, and adventurous life.

Having been diagnosed with bipolar and ADHD himself, he created ExtraHyperActive Fitness System that combined yoga, kickboxing, kettlebells, and outdoor activities.

He’s been running his main blog “” since 2009, and since then, made online marketing his full time job.

As an adventure travel blogger he’s worked with many big brands such as REI, North Face, Columbia, Ahnu, Patagonia, and many other local and national companies, and outfitters.

During his free time, he teaches landboarding, SUP surfing, and land paddling in Seattle, Washington ( ).

As a fitness coach, he works with a small group of clients diagnosed with depression, bipolar, anxiety, and ADHD to help them improve their physical and mental health.

His mission is to help people who love fitness, and outdoors create a residual online income to live a happy, healthy and adventurous life.

Some Of The Companies Paul Worked With

travel and fitness companies ExtraHyperActive worked with


I’ve always wanted to start a blog about my fitness and trail running  hobbies. But with so much information online, I didn’t know where to start. I  learned from Paul how to start a free blog, and finally learned what exactly  online marketing was about, and how to make money with my hobbies ~ Jane

girl-surfingI love surfing, and travel often to Costa Rica. I’ve been running my own travel  blog about my surf trips to South  America for about a year, but never made any  money from it. I’ve read that some travel bloggers make a living from their blogs,  but nobody I’ve personally met/talked made decent money. Paul explained to  me that you don’t  “make money blogging” ( unless you’re a professional  writer/blogger/copywriter who gets paid to write ). He taught me exactly what to  do to make money online with my travel blog ~Alicia

maxresdefaultI love working out, and paddleboarding !  At some point I thought  about starting a SUP rentals/touring company as a side business,  but my full time job, and finances didn’t seem to allow me to pursue  my dream. Just like me, Paul is an avid paddler ( and overall  adventurer ! ), who showed me how to combine my passion for  fitness and paddleboarding to create my own online business. Now  I’m making enough money to save, and open my first physical  location ! ~ Jason

stock-photo-80818033-female-exercising-with-personal-trainer-at-gymI met Paul when we both hustled for Beachbody. Now I’m scaling back on my  network marketing business, and learning more about online travel and  fitness niches. I’m especially interested in online personal training, and would  love to teach kiteboarding on weekends. With my online business I want to  sell my own digital products, and promote fitness and kiteboarding gear. ~ Aron

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